About Us

Amatsi Water Services Co.LTD.(AWASCO) is a Water Service Provider Company, operating in Vihiga County in line with Water Act 2016 and was incorporated on the 24th April 2007 under the Companies Act Cap 486 Laws of Kenya. It is an agent of Vihiga County Government providing water services as a devolved function and subject to the provisions of Vihiga County Water Act 2016. The company started operations on October 1st 2007. Our area of jurisdiction covers the following areas: Maseno,Mbale,Kaimosi,Vihiga and Sosian WaterSchemes and Chango,Ebunangwe Water projects.

Our Mission

To ensure provision of efficient and effective quality water services in our area of jurisdiction and beyond.

Our Commitment

Enforce water quality monitoring
Undertake planning, infrastructure development and update maintenance procedures in order to minimize interruptions to water supply.
Have accurate and timely billing with bills issued monthly.
Demand that all our staff and agents have a customer focus in all their activities and be responsible to customer needs.

Our Vision

To be the leading Water Service Provider in Kenya providing effective and efficient service that meets the expectations of customers and stakeholders


Amatsi Water Services Company LTD. offers the following services within the Vihiga County and the neighboring Counties within the esteemed republic of kenya


This Service is available for every individual within the county


This Service involves supply of Water using Water Tanker


Sewerage Treatment and Waste disposal is Available,We help exhaust wastes from Public and Private Toilets. The Services are also available for Hire

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If you spot any bursts or leaks, simply call our team

Quick and Reliable Repair of Leaks & Bursts

0799945300 or Come directly to our scheme offices


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